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Lighting and Effects

Here is a sample of our most requested lighting and effects items. Click on the image to download that product's data brochure.

martin-mac-700-wash-683467 mac700profile viper

Martin MAC700


£25 p/d  £75 P/w

Martin MAC700


£35 p/d  £105 p/w

Martin MAC Viper


£80 p/d  £240 p/w

showtec-infinity-is-200 showtec-infinity-ib-16r-beam-moving-head

Infinity IB-16R 


£25 p/d  £75 p/w

Infinity IS200 LED


£20 p/d  £60 p/w

Infinity IW1915 LED


£20 p/d  £60 p/w

Showtec_Compact_par_7_tri_spot_front suns atomic

Compact LED Par


£5 p/d  £15 p/w

Martin Atomic 3000


£10 p/d  £30 p/w

Showtec Sunstip Active DMX

£5 p/d  £15 p/w

Pixel Strip 12 LED Batten

£8 p/d  £24 p/w


30cm Mirrorball

£2.5o p/d  £7.50 p/w

external Par64 Source4 Uni21-4c Truss7 rfdf50 festoon

Festoon Harness (ES/BC)

From £4 p/d  £12 p/w

with LED or Conventional Lamps

20m, 30m or 60m Lengths

External / Standard PAR 64

£4 p/d  £12 p/w

with various lamp options

ETC Source Four Profile

From £4 p/d  £12 p/w

with various lens options  

Milos 290mm Box Truss

0.5m, 1m, 2m, & 3m Lengths  

From £2.70 p/d £8 p/w

Corners, Bases and Circles also available


DF50 Oil Based Hazer

£27 p/d  £80 p/w

Fluid sales available

Look Solutions Unique Hazer 2.1

£15 p/d  £45 p/w

C/w  2.5l fluid

Extra fluid sales available

Antari SW250 Snow Machine DMX

£15 p/d  £45 p/w

with wireless remote option C/w 5l Fluid. Extra fluid sales available


Showtec FX Shot

£7 p/d  £20 p/w (per pod)

with DMX Switchpack option

Confetti and Streamer sales available

A full range of mains cable, data cable, distro, dimmers, chain hoists, and show control systems are available. Please contact us.

Tel: 01274 669259      

Email: iinfo@stagemanagementcompany.com

Tel: 01274 669259      

Email: info@stagemanagementcompany.com

Pearl Tiger

Avolites Pearl Tiger

£27 p/d  £80 p/w


520i RoadHog4

High End Road Hog 4

£100 p/d  £280 p/w


Strand 520i

£70 p/d  £200 p/w



Show Magic Show Control System

£150p/d  £450 p/w



Sanyo XP200 Projector

£100 p/d  £300 p/w

Lens options available

Various other lighting and effects units available as well as masses of TRS, Data, Heavy Mains Cable and Distros


Galactic Beam 40mW Laser DMX

£10 p/d  £30 p/w

Mirror Options Available